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I'm Zoeh, 20, New Zealand

Sep 28

I’m working!

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boy toy named Troy used to live in Detroit


boy toy named Troy used to live in Detroit

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“Rob’s really good with the babies. Every time they started crying, I would literally go, ‘Oh god, where’s its mom?’ I would be worried about the baby and he would literally go into the corner and just shake it to sleep.” -Kristen Stewart

they… they actually put all that fake blood on a REAL baby!?!??!

now wait, wait..it’s sad that i know this but i do. it wasn’t corn syrup and whatever or high grade chemical fake blood. that particular mix was cream cheese and rasberry jelly. so that if the baby put it’s hands in it’s mouth, it wouldn’t hurt itself.

how did such a cool guy make such a bad career choice

probably the only thing i’d reblog that has twilight involved

His face in the last shot.

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Josh Ramsay tongue piercing appreciation- Pop 101 Music Video

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do you ever wanna listen to music but every song is just not the right song

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I’m not supposed to be some kind of Olympic runner. When my parents saw the movie for the first time, they were just like, ‘Oh my God, how are you standing?’ It was a blur – I just did a lot of sprinting.

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natasha’s signature move

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Live @ Share a Coke

this is how I see their entire relationship

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how do people even put up with me like i cant even put up with me

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